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Hematite Friday Night: Hematites defeated St. Ignace LaSalle Saints 20-14

Written by on October 13, 2017

St. Ignace, Michigan10/13/2017– It was a rainy night for this away game. The Hematites traveled to St. Ignace, Michigan to take on the LaSalle Saints. Both teams had very similar records for this year with Ishpeming 2-5 and St. Ignace 1-6. After many good lengthy plays the Hematites took the win for this game over the Saints! The final score was 20-14.

No team managed to score in the first quarter of the game. The LaSalle Saints scored the first touchdown points of the game as Garrett Rickley made a 34 yd touchdown run and after the two point conversion failed, the first score on the score board was 6-0 with the Saints in the lead. With just seven seconds left to go in the second quarter, Zach Jandreau made a 1 yd touchdown run and the two point conversion to make the score 6-8 as the Hematites took the lead right at halftime.

The third quarter was just as silent as the first for scoring. In the fourth quarter, Hunter Smith, at the 11:13 mark, ran a 16 yd touchdown. Zach Jandreau, at the 5:58 mark ran a 49 yd touchdown on a 4th play bringing the score to 20-6 with the Hematites in the lead by 14. Andy Metz, of the Saints, with 3:43 to go, caught a 15 yd touchdown pass and Mason Gustafson made the two point conversion to make the score 20-14. The Hematites got the ball back right at the end and were able to run the clock with the aide of three, 15 yd penalties from St. Ignace. The Hematites took a knee on the last two plays of the game. The final score was 20-14.

Join the Hematites next week, October 19th, as they take on the Gwinn ModelTowners at the playgrounds. Remember that game will be on a THURSDAY! Tune in at 98.3 WRUP and to join Mike and Bob for the pre-game at 6:30pm and the kick-off at 7pm. If the Hematites win this game, Coach Olson will get his 191st win with the Hematites! Go Hematites!

LISTEN LIVE- Hematites defeated St. Ignace LaSalle Saints 20-14

:STATS: St. Ignace

Mason Gustafson- 5 carries, 7 yds. Caught 1 pass for 5 yds.      Tucker Shepard- 5 carries, 11 yds.

Shawn Livingston- 5 carries, 22 yds. Caught 1 pass for 8 yds.  Garett Rickley- 11 carries, 110 yds.

Andy Metz- caught 3 passes for 75 yds.

team- 150 yds on the ground, 8 yds in the air. 8 first downs, 8 penalties for 75 yds.

:STATS: Ishpeming

Wyatt Bodette- 7 carries, 25 yds.    Donald Denofre- 13 carries, 62 yds.

Zach Jandreau- 14 carries, 101 yds.   Hunter Smith- 19 carries, 111 yds.

Aaron Corkin- caught 2 passes for 49 yds.

team- 2 knees at the end of the game, carries for -2 yds. 296 yds on the ground. 345 total yds. 16 downs.