Battle of the Best as Black Team Defeats Red Team 19-14 in 2017 U.P. Football All Star Game

Black Team gets set to snap the ball.

Marquette, MI- June 24th, 2017- It was a battle of the best in the Superior Dome Saturday afternoon. All the best seniors from the teams around the U.P. would play their final high school game. This game was different than past years because back in March there was a draft for the players. This means that kids who played on the same team their whole career actually had to play against each other.

First Quarter: The Black Team started with the ball after choosing to receive. It wasn’t a very productive start as they would go three and out in their first drive. The Red Team would move the ball on an exciting flea-flicker play before fumbling the ball back to the Black Team. Nothing would come of the fumble as the Black Team was forced to punt. Defense was ruling the start of this one as both teams struggled to score in the first half of this quarter. Neither team would score in the first quarter simply due to outstanding defense. Both teams would just shutting things down at the line of scrimmage.

Second Quarter: The second quarter was much of the same. The defense for both teams was just absolutely devastating. The offense couldn’t not figure out a way to get themselves in position to get some points on the board. Both the Black and Red Teams were able to move the ball in between the 30’s but were stalled there because the defense would lock things down. Just when we thought we had our first points of the game, a holding call would negate a miraculous play. The Red Team ran a reverse play for 45 yards that wouldn’t count. While the Red Team was driving the field with time winding down in the first half, the Black Team would come up with a big interception on their own 11 yard line. The game would remain scoreless heading into the half.

Ryan , Bob, and Mike get set to call the game

Third Quarter: The Red Team would receive the ball in the second half but their drive was a quick three and out. The Black Team gave us our first score of the game on the next drive. It was a very methodical drive as they would chew up five minutes of clock. It would take them every single down to finally punch it in the end zone as they went for it on 4th and goal from the three yard line. The Black Team would miss the extra point and take a 6-0 lead. The Red Team would answer right back on the upcoming drive. The scoring play would be a quarterback keeper where he rolled at and saw nothing but green ahead of him. There must have been a defensive miscue as there was no one on that side of the field. The extra point was made and the Red Team took a 7-6 lead. Now it seemed as if the flood gates were open. Because not more than one minute later the Black Team would connect on a 71 yard passing play to retake the lead. They would miss another extra point and lead 12-7 heading into the final quarter.

Fourth Quarter: The defense on both teams would lock back in for much of the fourth quarter. Both teams were struggling to get things going like much of the first half. About half way through the quarter, the Red Team would put together a great drive. The would stall in the red zone at the 15 yard line. With points at a premium, being down by five, and time not on their side, they decided to go for it on fourth down. They would connect on a ball tipped by the Black Team and retake the lead14-12. The back and forth game could continue because on the very next drive the Black Team would take it down for a score on a brilliant run from the tail back and lead 19-14 with under four minutes to play. The Red Team was going for a game-winning drive but would be denied by tossing an interception that would seal the 19-14 victory for the Black Team.

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