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Ishpeming Hematites Girls Basketball (54) VS Gwinn ModelTowners (49) on 98.3 WRUP and 12/02/2015

Written by on December 2, 2015

Gwinn, Michigan – December 2nd, 2015 – Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were in Gwinn, MI for the Ishpeming Hematites game against the Gwinn ModelTowners on 98.3 WRUP and It was the first game of the season, and the Hematites looked to start their season off strong. Mike and Bob brought you their stats and predictions during the Honor Credit Union pregame show!

The opening tip off was won by the Gwinn ModelTowners, but the Ishpeming Hematites quickly stole the ball and drove down the court. The first points of the season were scored on a freethrow by the Hematites, and Ishpeming looked to use their strong conditioning to wear down the ModelTowners. The Hematites were able to hold control of the ball for much of the first quarter, but Gwinn’s defense held strong, only allowing three points in the first six minutes of play. It was a game of tough defense, as both teams defense played well and only allowed a few scoring opportunities.

First Quarter Score:
Ishpeming Hematites: 13
Gwinn ModelTowners: 10

The Ishpeming Hematites started off the second quarter of play in control of the ball. Marissa Minot was instrumental in Ishpeming’s first quarter success, and she continued to play very well in the second quarter. Cora Swanson played some great defense in the first half for the Ishpeming Hematites, and as the quarter continued to tick down, the Hematites began to pull away from the ModelTowners. The Hematites person-to-person defense seemed to be effective at shutting-down the offense for Gwinn, as the scoring gap between the two teams continued to grow. However, as the first half wound down to a close, Gwinn was able to regain some lost ground as their offense caught fire. Both teams did have some foul trouble in the first half, with multiple players on each team getting close to being in foul trouble.

Second Quarter Score:
Ishpeming Hematites: 24
Gwinn ModelTowners: 22

The second half tip-off was won by the Ishpeming Hematites, and they quickly capitalized on the tip by scoring a quick three-point shot. Fouls continued to be a problem for both teams, as the Hematites and ModelTowners had several fouls in the first minutes of the second half. The ModelTowners took the lead midway through the third quarter, but the Hematites were able to keep the game close. Defense continued to be the name of the game, as the scoring for both teams was fairly limited in the third quarter.

Third Quarter Score:
Ishpeming Hematites: 33
Gwinn ModelTowners: 35

The final quarter of play saw the Ishpeming Hematites trailing the Gwinn ModelTowners, but the close score meant that either team could pull out the victory. Ishpeming was able to pull ahead of Gwinn one minute into the fourth quarter, and the Hematites hoped to hold the ModelTowners off. The ModelTowners evened the score up with a quick jump shot, but Ishpeming was able to keep the game close. Cora Swanson nailed a three point shot to put the Hematites back in the lead by a score of 40-39 with four minutes left in the game. As the intensity of play increased, Ishpeming moved slightly ahead of Gwinn, and they hoped to hold the ModelTowners off until the final buzzer. Gwinn did their best to hold off the Hematites, and they used their fouls wisely against Ishpeming. With just under five seconds left in the game, Gwinn was able to tie the score at 46-46.

Fourth Quarter Score:
Ishpeming Hematites: 46
Gwinn ModelTowners: 46

The Gwinn ModelTowners were able to win the overtime opening toss, and they quickly scored two points to put the score at 46-48. A free throw for the Ishpeming Hematites brought them back to within one point, and they looked to keep up the scoring. Ishpeming tied the game up at 49-49 with one and a half minutes left in overtime. Cora Swanson nailed a three point shot with under ten seconds left to move the Hematites ahead by a score of 52-49.

Final Game Score:
Ishpeming Hematities: 54
Gwinn ModelTowners: 49

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Gwinn ModelTowners 54-49 during Hematite Wednesday Night on 98.3 WRUP and!

Join us next week as the Ishpeming Hematite girls take on the Gladstone braves in Gladstone, MI. Mike and Bob will have the Honor Credit Union Pregame Show for you along with all the exciting action, only on 98.3 WRUP and! Don’t miss a beat!

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