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Monster Of The Week: Prologue

Written by on July 7, 2014

“Yet even if it be allowed that the Devil can re-energize dead bodies and give them movement for a certain time can he also bestow these powers of increasing, diminishing, becoming rarified, and so subtle that they can penetrate the earth, doors, windows?” – Dom Calumet

Scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle.

The old man walked down the dusty streets of Red Jacket. He took a dip from his can of chewing tobacco and wedged it into his cheek. He chewed it a bit and after a short while let out a long stream of red juice. Made it about ten feet. Not bad. Damn shame about the town though. Everyone full of the bad disposition of late.

Scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle.

It was a tense time all around. You’d think people’d keep from get their bits all twisted up what with living in the wilds of Michigan. It was peaceful, beautiful and if you loved the color of white you were in hog heaven come winter. And it was a new century even! Well, a bit along now but it was finally the 1900’s! 1912 to be exact.

Scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle.

And Red Jack was an up and coming town! The mines were booming! Well, there was those problems between the miners and the bosses but that was going to blow over at some point, right? It don’t help nothing if everyone worked against each other. Cooler heads would prevail and they could get back to building up. Hell, they even went and built an opera house a few years back! Yes’r, this was an up and coming city! Only cities with a future would have an opera house! Down south old Escanaba didn’t have an opera house and that town had a fancy new hotel down by the lake. But no opera house though. The old man smiled and spat again. Red Jacket had big time celebrities coming through! John Phillip Sousa and his band played there! And Sarah Bernhard and Douglas Fairbanks did some plays!

Scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle.

Sure, he didn’t go and see them when they all came through but that wasn’t the point, was it? The point was that they had been here! The old man stopped and spat another stream of red liquid. Only about five feet that time. Gotta work on that. He stood there and looked up at the full moon. It made the whole place just light up. You couldn’t help loving this place. Red Jacket was the future and he was right at the start of it! It was an exciting time to be alive! If only the miners and the bosses weren’t being so damned ornery to… every…

Scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle.

The old man stopped chawing on his dip. He hadn’t taken a step in about a minute. He looked around and didn’t see nothing around him. He was in the middle of the street. Nothing was moving so what…

Scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle scuffle.

Two things ran through the old man’s head just before he passed from the world:

The first was: “Guess this ain’t the future after all. It’s just the start of the end.”

The second thing was this: “Where’s the rest of that thing?”

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