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Day: June 20, 2014

Photo: Ross HalfinSummer officially begins Saturday morning, and Metallica got a jump on the new season by releasing a “first pass” version of its new song “Lords of Summer” on iTunes.

It’s the most recent edition of what the band describes as “still a work in progress.” Metallica debuted the song during its South American tour earlier this year and posted a “Garage Demo Version” to YouTube in March. A post on says, “Those of you with astute ears will notice some minor differences from the version we streamed on YouTube …read more

Columbia RecordsWhen AC/DC announced last month that founding guitarist Malcolm Young would be taking a break from the group because of health issues, the band also insisted that it would continue to make music. Now, in a new message posted on his website, singer Brian Johnson appears to be backing up that statement, and at the same time confirming that AC/DC is preparing for a new tour.

In the message, Johnson begins by thanking fans for their support of Cars That Rock, the new U.K. television series he’s been hosting.

He then reveals, “We …read more

…One or two. To be fair, my taste in visual entertainment is pretty limited. I’m a pretty antsy person, so getting me to sit still for any length of time is difficult. I need my entertainment to be at least somewhat interactive, so you’re much more likely to find me slaughtering Internet Dragons (NSFW language […]

Photo: Ross HalfinAerosmith‘s European tour unfortunately won’t be a-rollin’ into the Ukrainian capital of Kiev next month as originally planned. The concert’s promoters have announced that the July 2 show has been canceled because of the violent political upheaval in the country.

A statement from National Corporation of Entertainment explains, “It is impossible to produce this show in Ukraine while there is civil war. We can’t ensure safety to the artists, crew and the audience. We can’t ensure safety of the equipment. We’re facing many economic and technical …read more

Photo: Ross HalfimAlice Cooper has been known to spend quality time with a boa constrictor and various sinister characters during his over-the-top stage shows, but in the early 1970s he also used to hang around with a bunch of vampires. These creatures of the night weren’t of the blood-sucking variety; rather, they were a drinking club made up of Cooper and some of his famous musical friends that collectively was known as The Hollywoood Vampires, who would meet in the loft at the Rainbow Bar on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard.

Alice now is …read more