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Ishpeming Hematite Boys Basketball – Ishpeming Hematites (78) VS Westwood Patriots (44) on 98.3 WRUP 3/5/14

Written by on March 5, 2014

3/5/14 Negaunee Michigan – Tonight the Hematites took on the Westwood Patriots in opening game of the district championships at the Negaunee high school gym.  This was a VERY BIG game.  Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were there to bring you all the intense playoff action LIVE on 98.3 WRUP.  Excitement and nervousness was in the air with the “one and done” promise.  If the team loses one game then they are done in the playoffs.  The Hematites as well as their fans were filled with that intense “Go Hematite” feeling.  “Respect that Rock, Respect the Playoffs!!!”

The game started off with Ishpeming winning the jump ball and then utilizing great passing technique and teamwork, being conservative.  Westwood got to go to the free throw line and made both shots putting two points on the board.  However, the Hematites answered back with a basket of their own tying the score at 2-2.  The Hematites then quickly threw up another nice “hook” shot and took over the lead making the score 4-2.  Both teams were intently playing tough and determined, but Ishpeming sunk a nice three pointer “right down division street” making the score 7-2.  The Hematites were not about backing down and quickly “sunk” two more buckets increasing their lead to 11.  Ishpeming then made a nice “lay up” on the right side adding two more points to their score, the Hematites were maintaining their lead  Ishpeming was not about to stop as they quickly posted another bucket increasing their lead even more.  The Hematites were coming on strong, strong like a “rock”.  The Patriots were able to put some points on the board of their own, a three pointer and a nice shot closing the lead after each team sunk more baskets.  Ishpeming made another “nice” three pointer increasing the score to 20-7, Hematites.  The first quarter ended with a score of 20-7, with the Hematites keeping their lead.

The second quarter continued with the same team intensity as the first quarter.  Westwood posted a nice shot quickly to start off the quarter (20-9, Hematites).  The Hematites posted an excellent “long” two pointer making the score 22-9, Hematites in the lead.  Both teams were bound determine to play their best and win this game.  It was a tough match.  Ishpeming tossed another one “up and in” to add two more points to their score and the Patriots were able to add three more points of their own as well, (24-12, Hematites). The Patriots then drove one in to the basket giving them two more points.  The Hematites made another basket to increase their lead by a little more and then sunk a free throw at the line, the score was 27-14, Hematites keeping their lead.  The ball continued to fly as the Hematites and the Patriots each posted a few more shots.  Ishpeming returned to the free throw line and was unable to make their throws.  Then the Patriots got their turn at the free throw line and was able to sink one in. With less then a minute left of the quarter/half the score was 29-20, with the Hematites keeping up with their lead.  The quarter/half ended with no more buckets made and a score of 29-20, Hematites remaining in the lead.

The second half/third quarter started off with Ishpeming having possession of the ball.  The Hematites started the half with great concentration and teamwork, ending with a nice recovery and the ball in the basket.  The Patriots quickly retaliated back with a “nice” three pointer (31-23, Hematites).  Ishpeming then returned the favor with an “up and in” shot of their own, standing tough.  The Hematites continued to be strong and posted another basket “up and in” again (35-23, Hematites).  Ishpeming was able to “sink” another one in and ended up going to the free throw line but could not make the free throw.  Westwood battled against the Hematite defense with no avail, and gave the ball back to Ishpeming.  With little over three minutes left of the third quarter the score was 39-26, Hematite lead after the Patriots were able to make a three point bucket.  Ishpeming returned to the free throw line again but was unable to make either free throw.  Westwood was able to put one “up and in” but Ishpeming answered back with a basket of the own.  The Hematites then quickly recovered the ball and posted another basket and returned to the free throw line.  The score was 44-28, the Hematites steadily in the lead.  Ishpeming continued their streak and “sunk” another basket increasing their lead by two more (46-28, Hematites). The Hematites stole the ball from Westwood and was able to toss the ball into the basket yet again. The Patroits ended up at the free throw line and was able to make one of the shots.  Both teams continued to fight back and forth for a chance to shoot at the basket.  With the quarter winding down the Hematites were able to make a nice “long” three pointer.  The quarter ended with a score of 53-31, Hematites still in the lead.

The fourth quarter started off with quick intense action as both teams threw up some nice shots and sunk some baskets.  Both teams were focused as this was the last quarter of the first playoff game.  The Hematites threw up a nice “right sided” three pointer to add a few more points to their score (59-37, Hematites).  Ishpeming then got a chance at the free throw line for a 1:1 attempt and was able to make both shots brining their points up to 61.  The Hematites continued with their strong passing combinations and team work and posted a few more nice shots.  The score quickly became 66-38 Hematite lead after a Westwood free throw and some Hematite baskets.  The Patriots got another chance at the free throw line and was able to make both shots increasing their score to 40 points.  Ishpeming answered back with a “nice little” jump shot of their own.  The Hematites then came back and sunk a “big” three pointer shortly after.  With both teams making some nice baskets and free throws throughout the quarter. With just over a minute left of the quarter the score was 75-41, Hematites still in the lead.  The game ended with a score of 78-44, and the Hematites winning after each team sunk a few more baskets.  GREAT JOB HEMATITES!!!!

Join Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau on Friday March 7th as the Hematite Boys take on the winner of the Negaunee Miner/Gwinn Modeltowner game.  Opponent to be announced.

LISTEN – The Ishpeming Hematites Boys defeat the Westwood Patriots 78-44 on 98.3 WRUP Wednesday March 5th 2014.mp3

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