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Nuns in prison, King Barry the First & No Scanty Panties in Russia

Written by on February 23, 2014

Marquette, MI February 22, 2014 – New Parody Songs & Limericks on a pot potpourri of topics

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Topic 1 – 83-year-old Nun Sentenced to Prison for Sabotage. new limerick and the old song “I fought the law” became the new parody song “I Broke the Law With an Old Nun”. even the title make me smile. She’ll still be wearing the same outfit every day, now it’s just a different color.

Topic 2 – Russia Bans Scanty Panties. New limerick discussing the Ban on lacy underwear in Russia. Women took to the streets in protest; but don’t you think the Russian men should be the ones protesting?

Topic 3 King Barry the First is the title I use for President Obama. He as said he has a pen and a phone, and it’s not so he can take your order – its so he can give you one. The new limerick and new parody song “Seeya Later Legislator” illustrate the significance of the president’s threat – whether he follows through or not. Republicans have bent over backward (and some bent over forward) in not fighting harder on his abuse of power.

Topic 4 – The teacher protest in Marquette was unique in that they started on time and ended on time. That’s a good thing. Nobody seemed to notice. Don’t you think the contract would be settled more quickly if the information was made public. There would be no bad offers, and there would be no rejection of a good offer. This is the topic that urged one caller (off air) to say he hates me – calling me a Damn Freak. That’s what I love about liberals. Not so good at logical thought, and when they can’t win the argument, they call names and get mad. That’s why they are so hard to respect.

Topic 5 – Rewarding Straight A Students is condemned by parents of students who DIDN’T get a party invite. Rather than encourage their own children to aim higher, whiny parents want low-achievers to “feel good” whether they should or not. This I just like not keeping score at little league games. You’re trying to make kids feel better by not losing… but you’re actually telling them that losing is awful thing and they should feel bad. Isn’t it better to tell them to strive for excellence, but if they lose they shouldn’t be devastated? Whiny kids become whiny adults (kinda like the liberal mentioned above who called in to say he hates me) there is a new limerick for that one too.

topic 6 – Bibles Removed from Iowa Hotel because of the “Freedom FROM Religion” nuts. The new limerick tries to remind people that the first amendment guarantees freedom OF religion, so all faiths are free to celebrate. That does not guarantee the right not to be annoyed by people you disagree with. If that were a right, there would be no liberals allowed in thinking arenas. Then again… there not there now, so NEVER MIND. I’d tell the Freedom from religion folks to go to hell, but they don’t believe in it – so what’s the point?


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