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Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball – Ishpeming Hematites (57) VS Gladstone Braves (47) on 98.3 WRUP 1/21/14

Written by on January 21, 2014

1/21/14 -Ishpeming, Michigan – It was another cold day outside today for Upper Michigan but it was hot in the gym at Ishpeming tonight as the Hematite Boys Basketball team took on the Gladstone Braves.  Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were there and brought us all the action live on 98.3 WRUP.   Keep “Respecting that Rock” and keep listening to all the Hematite basketball action.

The game started with Ishpeming throwing the first shot at the basket, but unable to make it in.  Gladstone started their procession with strong passing.  Both teams extremely determined.  Ishpeming also utilized strong passing techniques and was able to put the first points on the board (2-0, Ishpeming).  Gladstone quickly returned with a basket of their own tying the score at 2-2.  The Braves decided to set up at the point for another chance at points but Ishpeming stole the ball and got fouled during their shot attempt.  The Hematites were able to score one free throw while at the line and took the lead at 3-2.  Both teams continued to post up various shots but none were made.  The Braves got their turn at the free throw line and tied the score at 3-3 after making one shot.  Ishpeming did a great job of reading the Gladstone offensive plays and was able to make great blocks against shots and passes.  Ishpeming returned to the free throw line again after a foul and broke the tie with a basket (4-3). Shortly after, the Hematites posted another excellent shot from under the basket increasing their lead to 6-3.  Gladstone was able to post a “nothing but net” three pointer closing the lead. The quarter ended with a score of 8-6, Hematite lead.

The second quarter started with Gladstone bringing in the ball.  The Braves skillfully posted another three pointer and took over the lead at 9-8, Gladstone.  The Hematites then got a chance at the free throw line after a foul during a shot attempt. They were able to make both shots and took back the lead at 10-9.  Both teams continued to play the quarter with tough determination.  Ishpeming utilized their man-man defense.  On the offense Ishpeming was able to post a three pointer of their own “right down the middle” increasing their lead to 13-9.  Shortly after that the Hematites posted yet another awesome three point bucket increasing the score even more to 16-9, Hematite lead.  More shot attempts were made by both teams as well as great passing technique.  Ishpeming continued with their man to man defense putting up some tough screens.  The Hematites got to return to the free throw line for a 1:1 free throw attempt and was able to make one of them. Ishpeming made another three point bucket “right down Division street” increasing their lead to 20-9.  The half ended with a score of 22-9, Hematite lead.

Determination was the key at the start of the third quarter for the Braves.  The Hematites continued with the same strong pace that they had at the start of the game.  Ishpeming rebounded the ball, made a great pass and put the ball up and into the basket (24-9, Hmeatites).  However, Gladstone quickly retaliated with a basket of their own, but then the Hematites answered back quickly with a bucket.  The score was 29-11, Hematite lead right after a Hematite three pointer from “down the middle”.  The ball continued to fly and baskets continued to be made as the determination and pace was intensely high.  The score quickly became 35-17 with Ishpeming leading after the Braves got a chance at the free throw line and both teams posted some excellant baskets.  Gladstone was able to post a three pointer of their own closing the lead to 35-22 after another Brave shot was posted shortly after.  The Hematites and the Braves continued to battle back and forth as each team took turns putting up more baskets  With little over a minute left of the third quarter Gladstone closed the lead to 37-28, Hematites.  The Hematites were able to score another big three point bucket, but the Braves posted a shot of their own giving the Hematites a ten point lead and ending the quarter with a score of 40-30, Hematite lead.

The fourth quarter started with the Hematites going to the free throw line.  Unable to make the shots, the fast paced action continued with bound determination.  Both teams continued to utilize great passing technique as they moved the ball around the court.  Gladstone was able to post another three point basket making the score 40-33. The Braves then got to return to the free throw line and were able to make one shot.  Ishpeming quickly threw up another bucket of their own, the score 42-34, Hematite lead.  The Hematites got another chance at a 1:1 free throw attempt but was unable to make it in.  The Braves closed their lead after getting another basket and returning to the line and making the free throw.  The game became a five point game with the clock running and the Hematites still maintaining their lead.  The score was 45-37, Ishpeming lead after a great Hematite bucket.  Gladstone quickly closed the lead with a three point post of their own, however Ishpeming quickly answered back with a nice basket (47-40, Hematites).  The determination continued as the clock continued to run down.  The score became 49-42 Hematite lead after each team continued to post more baskets. Each team continued to determinedly play the quarter out as they scored more baskets after great passing techniques and team work.  Gladstone was able to post another big three pointer with 15 seconds left of the quarter.  The game ended with a final score of 57-47, Hematites win.  Great job Hematites!!!

LISTEN – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Gladstone Braves 57-47 Tuesday January 21st 2014.mp3

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