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Ishpeming Hematites Girls Basketball (63) vs. Westwood Patriots (59) on 98.3 WRUP 12/17/13

Written by on December 17, 2013

12/17/13 Ishpeming Michigan- The Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team played an exciting game against the Westwood Patriots on 98.3 WRUP. Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were live keeping you up to date on this fast paced game in Ishpeming.

Westwood, eager to take charge of the game, made a basket within seconds! Ishpeming then received it’s chance as the Hematites reclaimed the ball after a missed shot by the Patriots. However, the Hematites were unable to make the shot and the scoreboard read 2-0 in favor of the Patriots. The Patriots strong start continued with a three pointer making the score 5-0. An Ishpeming ball rebounded to Westwood and back to Ishpeming. Then, Westwood decided to bring on the full court press defense. Westwood sneaked in another layup bringing to score to 7-0 before the Patriots called a time out. Patriots were fouled and went to the line, but without luck. With just under three minutes left in the first quarter, the Hematites remained scoreless. Then, the Hematites made their move, scoring a three pointer. Westwood retaliated with another basket. Hematites again scored but the Patriots outdid them with two more layups bringing the score to 13-10 in favor of the Patriots by the end of the first quarter.

Although the Hematites received the ball to start the second quarter, they were unable to score. The Patriots decided to use the full court press against the Hematites. Through turnovers and several player substitutions, the score remained 13-10 (Patriots). Tying the game, Ishpeming scored a three pointer then quickly pulled another basket to take the lead! However, Westwood was fouled and stepped up to the free throw line again bringing the score to 17-15 (Ishpeming). A Hematites two pointer was swiftly followed by a Patriots three pointer and the scoreboard read 19-15 in favor of Ishpeming. After several shot attempts and free throws, the score was 22-20 (Hematites). After two players were pulled from the game due to injuries, both the Patriots and the Hematites scored. Then, a Patriots’ missed shot turned into a Hematites’ basket. Just before half time, Ishpeming was fouled and stepped up to the line. Even though they missed the first free throw, the Hematites still benefited as the second shot hit its mark ending the first half with a score of 26-24 (Hematites).

The third quarter started with a bang as the Hematites scored within seconds, were fouled, and went to the line. The Hematites missed their first shot, but made the second basket and brought on the full court press. Both teams shot and scored until the score was 31-29 (Hematites). Desperate to widen their precarious lead, the Hematites quickly sunk another basket and the scoreboard read 33-29 (Hematites). Several more attempts to score were made by each team, but without luck. The Hematites missed a shot and the rebound was caught by Ishpeming, moved down the court and turned into a basket. Westwood stepped up to the line for a free throw and Ishpeming threw a three pointer bringing the score to 36-31 (Hematites). This time, it’s the Hematites that walk to the line to pick up two more points. The score stalls at 38-31 (Hematites) until the Patriots pick up a three pointer. Gaining still another point due to free throws, the Patriots hover dangerously close to the Hematites. However, a three point attempt and a free throw allowed the Hematites to pull away again bringing the score to 43-34. The Hematites were using a full court press to hold their lead. The quarter ended with a score of 43-34 (Hematites).

The early fourth quarter was woven with free throws and baskets for both teams. Within minutes, the score rose to 49-40 (Hematites). The Hematites passed the ball back and forth in an attempt to run the clock. A completed three point attempt by Ishpeming brought the score to 52-42 (Hematites) before a Patriots missed shot turned into a Ishpeming two pointer. After several shots by both teams and two very successful free throw attempts, the scoreboard read 56-46 (Hematites). With just under three minutes left in the game, the Hematites scored again and increased their lead to 58-50. Westwood completed a shot, just before calling a time out. Then, the Hematites walked from the free throw line again, but this time without scoring. Westwood carefully shot again with success. As soon as the Hematites received the ball, they resumed their earlier strategy of playing the clock with the score resting at 58-54 (Hematites). The Hematites were fouled. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Ishpeming scored both of their free throws. Westwood attempts several desperate throws but was unable to change the score of 60-54 (Hematites). After yet another Westwood time out, the Patriots scored a two pointer before Ishpeming gained one more point through a free throw. One last shot brought the final score to 63-59 by the end of the fourth quarter.

Follow the Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team as they play the Escanaba Eskimos on December 19th on 98.3 WRUP.

LISTEN – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Westwood Patriots 63-59 on 98.3 WRUP, Tuesday December 17th 2013.mp3

98.3 WRUP – The official home for the Ishpeming Hematites!

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