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Michigan Landscape Photography from Saddleback Photo

Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball (68) vs. the Gladstone Braves (44) on 98.3 WRUP 12/30/13

Written by on December 30, 2013

12/30/13 Gladstone MI – Bringing you all the action on 98.3 WRUP, Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau narrated a spectacular game for the Ishpeming Hematites. Playing the Gladstone Braves for their first game of the season, the Hematites walked away with a well deserved victory (68-44)!

Ishpeming started out with a bang! Scoring quickly, the Hematites put their name on the board 2-0 before cashing in on two free throws.  However, the Braves showed their strength as their first basket was a three pointer. Ishpeming maintained the lead (7-3). The Hematites stepped up to the free throw line for two more points (9-3) before Gladstone deployed a zone defense. Ishpeming managed to score several more times before the clock showed three minutes in the first. Ishpeming was fouled and headed to the line again for two more successful throws. Gladstone tossed another basket, scoring their third three pointer in the first quarter bringing the score to 15-11 (Hematites). However, the Hematites kept the lead with several shots including a three pointer bringing the score to 23-14 with Gladstone’s last points received through free throws.

The Hematites and Braves both scored early in the second quarter. After Gladstone’s free throws, Ishpeming still led

The Ishpeming Hematites VS the Gladstone Braves on 98.3 WRUP

The Ishpeming Hematites VS the Gladstone Braves on 98.3 WRUP

27-18! The Hematites continued to pull ahead slowly. As the Braves called a time out, the scoreboard read 33-18 with 2:10 left in the half. The Braves and the Hematites foiled the next few shot attempts, until the ball was run out of bounds. A rebound from a foul shot sent the ball out of bounds again. With five seconds left in the quarter, the Hematites were fouled and stepped up to the line. Ending the quarter strong with a score of 35-19, both free throws hit their mark.


After halftime, the Hematites continued their impressive start for the season by quickly scoring three more shots. Gladstone decided to call a full time out with a score of 42-19 (Hemtaites). Ishpeming attempted two more shots, without success. Shortly after, Gladstone scored their first two baskets of the quarter bringing their score into the twenties (42-23 Hematites). Using up the last of their thirty second time outs, Ishpeming regrouped before scoring again. A particularly smooth shot by the Hematites brought the score to 45-23 (Hematites). As time slowly drained off the clock, the Hematites received another chance at free throws and succeeded with both (49-23 Hematites). In the last minute of the quarter, two shots are completed and the quarter ended 51-26 (Hematites).

WRUP_Ishpeming_Hematites_Boys_Basketball_VS_Gladstone_Braves_123013_Pic3Sharp aim by both teams resulted in several throws early in the fourth quarter. Desperate to recover from the Hematites early lead, Gladstone called a time out. Back on the court, the Braves sink a two pointer bringing the score to 57-31 (Ishpeming). Although Ishpeming’s next three point attempt bounced off the rim, the battle for the rebound resulted with a two pointer for the Hematites. Free throws for Ishpeming brought the score to 60-33 (Hematites). Gladstone sunk a three pointer before the Hematites ran the ball back down the court. Several fouls racked the last minute of the game. As the clock reached zero, the score was 68-44 (Hematites).

This well played game was only the start for the Hematites Boys Basketball Team. For the next Hematites game, the girls basketball team will be playing the Norway Nights at 7:00pm!

98.3 WRUP – The official home for the Ishpeming Hematites!

LISTEN FULL GAME – Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball defeat the Gladstone Braves 68-44 Monday December 30th 2013.mp3

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