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Ishpeming Hematite Friday Night on Saturday afternoon – Ishpeming Hematites (28) VS Lake City Trojans (13) on 98.3 WRUP 11/16/13

Written by on November 16, 2013

Ishpeming Michigan 11/16/13 – Nerves and tension were on the rise as the Ishpeming Hematites took on the Lake City Trojans this Saturday afternoon for the spot as the Regional Champions. The winner of this game would go on to the state tournament.  Excitement was in the air, as fans filled the bleachers and deer hunters everywhere were either listening from their blinds or coming  in to the Ishpeming playgrounds in support of their team.  The Hematites went into this game with an 18 game winning streak.  The weather held off and it was a cool crisp43 degrees at the playgrounds in Ishpeming today and Mike Plourde and Bob Nedeau were there to bring you the action on 98.3 WRUP.

The game started with Ishpeming winning the coin toss and kicking the ball off to Lake City.  The battle started with Lake City poised against the Hematite defense.  The Hematite defense was tough and Lake City ended up punting the ball back to Ishpeming on the first offensive drive of the game.  Ishpeming ran the ball a short distance upon receiving the punt beginning their first offense drive.  In just under the first three minutes of play the Hematites used their Wing Back formation and scored a touch down on their second play from scrimmage, making the score 8 to 0, after scoring the two point conversion.  The Trojans got an immediate first down.   Not utilizing their huddle, Lake City continue to push against the Hematite defense.  However, they ended up having to punt back to Ishpeming again, giving the Hematites the ball on the 32 yard line.  Ishpeming started their third offensive drive with an excellent pass completion to keep the ball at 1st and 10.  Ishpeming then fumbled the snap causing gasping excitement but was able to recover it.  Unable to get past the Trojan defense the Hematites had to punt the ball back to Lake City for their first turnover.  The tough battle continued throughout the first quarter between the teams offensively and defensively,  Lake City threw a great 35 yard pass and was caught bringing the ball closer to  scoring position for them.  However, the Hematites came back with a great tackle right after the snap.  With two minutes left of play in the first, Lake City fumbled and recovered the ball, ending in a 20 yard loss. Their offensive drive ended with a turnover to Ishpeming.  The quarter ended no further touchdowns.  The score Hematites 8 and the Trojans 0.

The battle continued in the second quarter with both teams as they were focused intently to get a touchdown and stop the other team.  The Hematites obtained the ball with an interception from Lake City’s first offensive drive of the quarter.  Ishpeming pushed the ball forward with small yard gains but getting the first downs when needed.  With nine minutes left to go the Ishpeming offensive drive continued slowly but surely.  With a quarterback sneak Ishpeming was able to obtain a first down putting the ball on first and goal line after a 30 + yard drive.  Unfortunately, Ishpeming had a holding penalty called on them, bringing the ball back to the 12 yard line.  The Hematites continued with true determination and scored a touchdown from a pass, bringing the score to the Hematites 14 to 0.  The Trojans shortly were able to score a touchdown putting points on the board with 3 minutes left of the quarter, making the score Hematites 14 and the Trojans 7.  With the ball in their possession Ishpeming pushed back to their end zone with under three minutes left of the half.  The Hematites brought the ball 34 yards down the field.  Utilizing their passing plays, the ball continued to move down field.  Lake City came back with a tough defense, doing what they could to stop the Hematites.  With just under two minutes left of the half, the suspense was high.  Lake City ended up getting the ball and had a fumble, but recovered.  On the next two plays the Hematites busted through the line and stopped the Trojans abruptly.  The half ended with a score of The Hematites 14  and Trojans 7.

The Second half started with Ishpeming receiving the ball from the Lake City kick off.  The Hematite offensive drive started out very determined, with attempts to run an option play, something that has not really been seen from the Hematites.  Ishpeming ended up punting the ball back to Lake City.  The punt was partially blocked and kicked into a player.  On Lake City’s first offensive drive of the half they pushed the ball down field with a great field pass on the third down, scoring a touchdown, making the score Ishpeming 14 and Lake City 13.  The Hematites made a great 54 yard return off of the kick from Lake City.  Utilizing their Wildcat formation, the Hematites brought the ball down field with determination.  With five minutes left of the third quarter, the Hematites continued to push the ball towards the end zone and scoring bringing the score to 22 to 13 with a little over 3 minutes left of the quarter.  The Hematites regained control of the ball back quickly while watching the clock closely.  They pushed towards the end zone again but were unable to score.  The third quarter ended with a score of The Hematites 22 and the Trojans 13.

In the fourth and final quarter Ishpeming continued to have the ball in their possession.  The Hematites brought the ball into the end zone at 9:39 of the quarter making the score 28 to 13, Ishpeming.  With the kick off to the Trojans, Lake City started their offensive drive.  The Trojans made various attempts to move the ball with passing and running,   However, the Hematites intercepted the ball from Lake City regaining possession.  With nine minutes left of the fourth quarter Ishpeming prepared to push the ball while keeping a watchful eye on the clock.  Ishpeming conservatively continued to try and bring the ball down field on their offensive drive, however had to turn the ball over to Lake City with a punt.  The Trojans received the ball and while not utilizing the huddle, started their drive with some passing.  Utilizing passing and running plays Lake City pushed the ball down field with hopes to score another touchdown.   With about six minutes left of the game, Lake City continued to try and and bring the ball down field towards the end zone.  As the clock continued to count down the game, determination was on a rise.  The Hematites sacked the Lake City quarter back and regained the ball to start another set of offensive plays.  The Trojans received an un-sportsman like conduct penalty, giving the Hematites less yardage to go for a touchdown.  The Hematites brought the ball quickly down field with four minutes left of play in the game.  The heat was on as the time continued to dwindle down.  The clock became Lake City’s enemy.  With under three minutes of play in the game the Hematites continued to gain yardage towards a touchdown.  Ishpeming ended up with a holding penalty moving them back away from the endzone.  The Hematites were not able to score another touchdown and the game ended with a score of The Ishpeming Hematites 28 and Lake City Trojans 13. Making the Ishpeming Hematites the Regional Champions.

Join us as the Ishpeming Hematites face off next week as the finals continue.  The opposing team and game time will be announced soon.  -Good Luck Hematites!!!

LISTEN – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Lake City Trojans 28  to 13 during Hematite Friday Night on Saturday afternoon on 98.3 WRUP Saturday, November 16 2013.mp3

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