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Ishpeming Friday Night -Ishpeming Hematites (46) VS Newberry Indians (7) on 98.3 WRUP 10/18/13

Written by on October 18, 2013

Newberry Michigan 10/18/13 – Tonight on Ishpeming Friday Night the Hematites traveled to Newberry to bring you their Friday Night Football action.  Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were there to bring you the game live on 98.3 WRUP.  The air was crisp and cool and the feeling of fall was all around.  Nothing said Friday Night Football more then that.

The game started off with Ishpeming receiving the kick off from the Newberry Indians.  Ishpeming kept the excitement up by varying the plays from passing the ball to running the ball and scoring.  The Hematites scored in the first two minutes of the game on their first offensive drive bringing the score 6 to 0.  Then the Hematites immediately picked up the ball from the Indians off of a fumble and brought it in to the end zone bringing the score 14 to 0 after the two point conversion, within the first four minutes of play.  The Indians were not able to get past the Hematite defense and ended up punting the ball back to Ishpeming.  The Hematites utilized some great offensive blocking while having the ball in their possession and pushed the ball down the field.  However the Indians defense stayed strong and sacked the Hematites in the back field and the Indians took over the ball on downs.  The Indians battled against the Ishpeming defense bringing them to the fourth down.  The Indians pulled a fake punt and got the first down with one minute left of play in the quarter.  The Indians drove towards the end zone but were unable to score.  The quarter ended with the score the Ishpeming Hematites 14 and the Newberry Indians 0.

The second quarter started off with Newberry punting to Ishpeming.  The Hemtite offense brought the ball down the field with passing skill.  The Hematites battled against the Indian defense with their first drive of the quarter.  Ishpeming  decided not to punt and attempted a first down and ended up short and turned the ball over to Newberry for the second time during the  game.  The Indians pushed the ball down to field goal range, however they utilized the I formation and passed the ball into the end zone instead, scoring a touch down making the score 14 to 7 after the Newberry extra point.  The quarter continued with the Indians kicking it back to the Hematites.  The Hematite offense came back tough and moved the ball down the field with a touch down after their first two offensive plays making the score 22 to 7 after the two point conversion.  The half continued with another Ishpeming touchdown which was made by blocking a Newberry punt bringing up the score 30 to 7 after the two point conversion with just under five minutes left of the second quarter.  The Hematite defense stood against the Indian offense and was able to sack the Indian quarterback during the Indian offensive drive.  Newberry utilized the I formation again but was unable to move the ball very far and ended up giving the ball back to Ishpeming.  The Ishpeming offense scored right away making the score 38 to 7 with just over two minutes left of the half.  The Newberry offense continued to try and push the ball down the field with a 22 yard kick return.  However, the Hematites defense would not let the Indians move the ball very far forward.  The half ended with the score Hematites 38 and the Indians 7.  The Hematites utilized great passing skill throughout the half.

The second half began with the Indians having the ball after the Hematite kick off.  Newberry started the quarter bringing the ball to their 47 yard line.  The Indian offense met the Hematite defense head to head with small yard gains.  The Indians ended up punting the ball back to the Hematites after the Ishpeming defensive stop.  Using the I formation the Hematite offense brought the ball forward.  Ishpeming continued with their offensive drive utilizing their passing and running skill.  The Hematites were able to score another touchdown with their drive making the score 46 to 7 turning the game into a running clock game.  The Indians made a nice run with the kick return but then met the Hematite defense like a wall and fumbled the ball back to Ishpeming.  The Hematites pushed the ball down towards the end zone hoping to score against the Indian defense before the end of the quarter.  But the quarter ended with no further touchdowns leaving the score at 46 to 7, Ishpeming.

The fourth quarter continued with a running clock.  The Hematites started with the ball at the beginning of the quarter using the known Ishpeming I formation but ended up turning the ball over to the Indians on downs.  The Indians also utilized the I formation against the running clock with hopes to score another touch down.  The Indians were able to break a tackle and get a first down however the Hematite defense continued to be like a brick wall.  The Indians continued to be stubborn in attempting to break down the Hematite wall by trying to move the ball down field towards the end zone.   Ultimately the Hematites took over on downs refusing to allow the Indians to break through their defensive wall.  The game ended with a running clock and the score 46 Hematites to 7 Indians.

Join us next week on Thursday, October 24th as the Ishpeming Hematites take on the Gwinn ModelTowners at home.  Kick off will be at 7:00pm

LISTEN – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Newberry Indians 46 to 7 during Hematite Friday Night on 98.3 WRUP Friday, October 18 2013.mp3

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