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Fat Scouts and Detroit Being Broke On The Rebroadcast of In The Right Mind

Written by on July 28, 2013

July 28, 2013-

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This morning on the rebroadcast of In The Right Mind on 983 WRUP Detroit being bankrupt and also the program Buddy To Buddy Volunteer Veteran program were discussed!

Detroit Bankrupt

As it was seen coming for years, the city of Detroit has recently filed for bankruptcy and heads are starting to jabber on who’s to blame for this.  The people of Detroit aren’t blameless as they have elected some terrible leaders in the past.  But remember that some can’t leave, unlike most of the businesses that have left the city by now.  The city is looking like it might be cutting pensions for politicians and workers.  The hope is that the union leaders that should have taken the money upfront for the workers get theirs cut first.

Listen – Detroit Bankrupt Rant

Listen – Detroit Bankrupt Limerick

Listen – Detroit Bankrupt Song

Zimmerman Trial Over

The George Zimmerman trial is now over and many people are not happy with the outcome.  At this point the story is well known, and many race mongers jumped on the story after it happened.  Many of them want his head during the trial and still do after the trial.  The trial goes back to the idea if you cry racist when it doesn’t exist ruins innocent people and ruins the perspective and view on true crimes and racism.

Listen – Zimmerman Rant

Listen – Zimmerman Limerick

Listen – Black and White

Royal Baby!

There’s been enough about this in the world.  Moving on!

Listen – Royal Baby Rant

Listen – Royal Baby Limerick

Phil Presnell From Buddy To Buddy Program

Starting the 10am hour this morning was an interview with Phil Presnell from the Buddy To Buddy Volunteer Veteran Program.  The group is a peer to peer group that has hundreds of resources for veterans when they return from active duty.  The group is looking to get more of a presence in the Upper Peninsula where there are a lot of veterans.  The group helps with anything from emotional to financial for veterans free of charge.

Presnell discussed what it takes to be a volunteer and how to get a hold of the group as well.  You can contact their website here or a call 1-888-822-8339.

Listen – Interview With Phil Presnell

Fat Boy Scouts

A few weeks ago the Boy Scouts made headlines with their decision on letting openly gay boy scouts in.  Well the Boy Scouts are back making headlines by not letting the “fat” Boy Scouts join in the annual jamboree.  This is because they fear that the jamboree might be too strenuous for them.  The ridiculousness is that they are judging on Body Mass Index (BMI) which is unfair because it doesn’t actually judge if the scout is in shape.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to make an event that everyone could enjoy?

Listen – Fat Boy Scouts Rant

Listen – Fat Boy Scouts Limerick

Listen – In The Boy Scouts

Anthony Weiner’s…..Weiner

Disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner is still making headlines and still trying to keep a political career.  Weiner is looking to run for New York City mayor but once again is facing scandal for sending lewd pictures to women.  There is more frustration with his supporters who keep making excuses for the man.  Hopefully the run fails and the man can just finally go away.

Listen – Anthony Weiner Rant

Listen – Anthony Weiner Limerick

Listen – Anthony Weiner Song

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