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Facebook and The Ishpeming Roundabout On The Rebroadcast Of In The Right Mind

Written by on June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013-


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This morning on the rebroadcast of In The Right Mind the proposed Ishpeming Roundabout was discussed as well as Facebook and recaps on previous topics!

Ishpeming Roundabout

Some people were surprised to the announcement of a roundabout being proposed in Ishpeming on US 41 for the intersection of 2nd and 3rd street.  Some people are up in arms about the roundabout being put in.  A roundabout is known to reduce accidents, and thus injuries and fatalities.

It is weird that they didn’t try to put in a second stoplight first as a cheaper alternative first to see if that would help lower the stats on the intersections first?

Listen – Roundabout Rant

Listen – Roundabout Limerick

Listen – Roundabout Song


Facebook, most people in the world have one nowadays.  It is a great tool when used properly but there are people who post ridiculous and outlandish things on the site.  People need to realize that these things are posted in a public forum and watch what they say!

Listen – Facebook Rant

Listen – Facebook Limerick

Listen – Facebook Song


Caller #1 thinks that the roundabout is a very dumb idea because the drivers are already pretty dumb to begin with.

Caller #2 called in to say that the KI Sawyer roundabout Dan mentioned isn’t a true roundabout, it’s more merging of two roads.

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