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February 9, 2013-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning was Sound Off Saturday on In The Right Mind on 983 WRUP.

News and Events From The Past!

This morning on In The Right Mind Dan had a sound-off Saturday where anyone could call in and talk about a subject of their choosing from the past or even a topic that wasn’t covered on the show.

Dan did cover many topics during the show this morning talking about how the UP 200 is going to be happening this coming week and to catch that.  Plus other topics from the past such as global warming, Freedom to Work in Michigan, and County Road 595.   Dan even took requests to hear the Heikki Lunta song again!


There was a caller this morning who wanted to talk on the global warming issue at hand.  He asked Dan if he felt that humans had no impact at all on the earth.  Dan felt that it was good to try and be as clean as possible but that the impact on CO2 is so small compared to the natural forces of the earth that our impact is very very small.   The caller brought up about a question about the drilling of oil, removing it from the earth and the impact on the earth in regard to earthquakes and such.   Dan felt that was a great point and would look into that.

Next Week Expansion To Two Hours

Next week In The Right Mind will be expanding to a new two hour format!  The show will be starting an hour earlier going from 9am to 11am and rebroadcast on Sunday morning from 9am to 11am on 983 WRUP.  There’s more time for more songs, more topics and your calls!  Be sure to tune next week at 9am!

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