Freedom To Work Law Continued This Morning With James Bushy On InTheRightMind

December 15, 2012-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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Guest James Bushy stopped in the studio this morning to discuss the new Freedom To Work law on InTheRightMind on98.3 WRUP.

Guest James Bushy In This Morning

This morning was more of an open discussion between James and Dan this morning.  The topics ranged from where exactly union dues go when members pay them, thoughts on the protests down on Lansing, and their thoughts on the speed of which the law was passed.

James Bushy with Dan this morning.

James Bushy with Dan this morning.

Both Dan and James agreed that

there is no excuse for the violence that took place in Lansing.  James went further saying that if these were in fact members, that they need to be sanctioned.  They both expressed that union leaders should apologize to the people victimized from the events in Lansing.

Dan asked where the dues go for the members of the union.  James summarized the breakdown that they go to your local union, then state, and then federal levels of the union.

About the speed of the law being passed in Michigan, James said that as long as the letter of the law was passed, the way the bill was passed legally.  It can’t be argued that it was done illegally.  He wasn’t surprised, and feels that more

people shouldn’t be surprised that it did get passed.  As part of ethically, he didn’t necessarily like how it was passed.


Caller #1 this morning called in twice with questions for James and Dan.  The first question was asking for an explanation of the law.  James summed up that the law was saying that if a person enters a workplace that they are not forced to join a union to work there.  There is no closed work places.

The second question was the caller asking how this law would affect highway jobs.  James once again fielded the question saying that there are certain pay rates for projects on the roads and this is so that people are trained properly for working on the road.

Caller #2 called in this morning and said he was part down in Lansing as part of a union but wasn’t around for the bad actions that took place.  He believes that people can try to work from the inside and fix things.  He himself has done that himself, as he has worked up in the union ranks.  If there is a problem that a member addresses him with, he will try to address that issue himself.

For more information on the Freedom To Work law you can find it at

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