Four Guests This Morning On InTheRightMind In The Election’s Final Days!

November 3, 2012-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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On InTheRightMind on 983 WRUP had four guests this mornng in the run up for the election this Tuesday!

Congressman Dan Benishek

Congressman Dan Benishek called in by surprise this morning letting everyone know that he’ll be up in the Marquette area on Monday.

Candidate Pete Hoekstra

Calling from along the west coast of lower Michigan this morning was Republican candidate Pete Hoekstra.  Hoekstra is feeling confident about the election because he feels people will be voting with their paychecks.  Between him, Romney, and Benishek they will be fostering an environment for jobs.  The way that Senator Stabenow and Obama has been working in Washington it will be very hard for rural Michigan to vote for them.

Also medicare was raided by Stabenow to fund Obamacare.  Obamacare will change health care for citizens but not for the better.  People will have to travel for their health care services rather than staying local.  This means for people in the upper peninsula traveling downstate and into Wisconsin for care.

Romney Campaign Calls In

Tobin Ryan, Paul Ryan’s brother called in to the show this morning quickly to talk about the Romney and Paul campaign.  He was actually with Romney the night before and mentioned how he could see the optimism with Romney for the country.  Him and his brother are both ready to make bold plans and follow through with them to help out the country.

Marquette County Commissioner Bill Nordeen

The last guest this morning was Marquette County Commissioner Bill Nordeen, who is not running for re-election.  The commissioners are being cut down from nine to six after this election.  There was actually suppose to be five but Dan mentioned how he was on the board that decided this and how the original plan was to be five commissioners.  It took Dan and the Chair of the Democrat party to work together to settle on the current plan.

Nordeen feels that this happened because of his views against the retire-rehire program in Marquette county.  This is manipulation of the government in his eyes.  A lot of the politics in the county are run by the same people.

One of the other Marquette County Commissioners Mike Quayle called in at the end of the show.  Nordeen and Quayle then had a discussion about the issues at hand in the county.  Quayle pointed out that it’s been an open secret for a while that the same people have been pulling the strings in Marquette County for a long time.

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