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Proposal Three Discussed on InTheRightMind This Morning

Written by on October 20, 2012

October 20, 2012-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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On InTheRightMind this morning the discussion was on Proposal Three and had guest Tony Retaskie on discussing this proposal.


What Is Proposal Three?

Proposal Three would require that that 25% of the state’s electricity come from renewable resources by 2025.  There are some problems with this proposal.

First is that there is no real plan for the state with this proposal.  Also for the state there is no real hydro power and that most of the renewable sources would have to be from wind in the state.  There is a big cost for the turbines needed to meet the requirement.  There is also not that much wind for the turbines in the upper peninsula.

Also there is a restriction on the power companies for raising their rates during this time.  It would be restricted to %1 per year which would definitely not be able to cover the costs for the new structures and infrastructure for this proposal.

Guest Tony Retaskie

The Executive Director of the UP Construction Council Tony Retaskie called in as a guest today for Proposal Three.  He and the council are opposed to the proposal because of concern of cost and they believe the proposal will take jobs away in the area.

The estimated cost is $12 billion for the state, which will affect the citizens of the state.  For such a cost there is no exact plan to implement the proposal as well.  For the state it would be mostly wind power, and there are problems with that.  There is no good way to store electricity yet, and there is new infrastructure needed that would be costly.  Also during some of the peak days in the summer last year, there was no wind during that time, which brings up the issue of reliability.  For the building of the wind turbines the tax credits for them are also expiring at the end of the year and are looking to not be renewed.

There is a belief that this proposal, if passed, that is could take jobs away too.  One power plant in Marquette has been closed because of the %10 law that was passed in 2008.  If the proposal passes the Presque Isle power plant plans will stop it is believed.

Although the plan sounds good at first, it would be better to have a bipartisan conversation in Lansing to work together to make this a goal and not a mandate.

Retaskie encouraged to have people check the facts and mentioned a website that is a group that opposes the proposal that gives some good information on the proposal.


There was one caller today who disagreed with the thoughts on Proposal Three this morning.  He believes that wind can counteract peak times faster than coal plants and also that the grid needs to be upgraded anyways.  Also sometimes the government needs to step in to spur on something like renewable sources for energy.

Mike Quayle

At the end of the show this morning Mike Quayle called in to remind listeners that there is a candidate forum for Marquette County Commissioner on Monday night at 7PM at the Peter White Public Library.  Also invited are candidates from the Marquette City Commission as well.

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