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October 27, 2012-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on InTheRightMind on 983 WRUP there were three guests including Dan Benishek and Jim Stamas.



Dan Benishek Photo

Guest Dan Benishek

The first guest this morning was U.S. Representative Dan Benishek calling in this morning while heading from Traverse City north to Sault Ste. Marie.

The congressman has been on the road lately listening to the people of the district and finding out what the people need.  And hearing from small businesses he’s been hearing about how there needs to be less regulations so they can prosper easier.

The problem with the regulations can be seen locally with the issue of the 595 county road.  It’s been delayed because of overreach by the EPA.  This is prevent jobs for the area.  He has been standing up to the EPA because he’s trying to get more jobs up here in upper michigan.

Benishek believes that there can be a clean environment and more jobs added to the area.  This is possible.

There has been attacks on Benishek, an example is that he is refusing to crack down on China.  The attack mentions that this is from the Columbia Free Trade Bill.  There is nothing about China in that bill.  Benishek explained that he supported the the bi-partisan bill because it would provide more jobs in upper michigan.  One company in the area will be able to sell equipment from Iron River to Columbia because of the bill.  Also for farmers in Michigan, they will be able to export their product as well.

Guest Ronna Romney McDaniel

Ronna Romney McDaniel called into the show quickly today as she up in Marquette earlier this to thank and acknowledge because of the accomplishments that the Marquette Victory Center has done.  The center actually made it’s 3 millionth contact this past week!

Guest Majority Leader Jim Stamas

The last guest this morning was Jim Stamas, who is the House Majority Floor Leader for the House of Representatives in Michigan.

Stamas has had a lot of one on one time with Representatives Ed McBroom, Matt Huuki and Frank Foster and they have put in a lot of effort and passion into different areas in the state.  McBroom has been making an an impact in the education in Michigan.  While Huuki has been working on jobs in the upper peninsula and working with mining, while Foster has been working with the Department of Natural Resources.

Stamas also said that Hubbard would be a great addition to the House in Michigan.  Hubbard has shown how he can get things done with the Grand Marais projects.  Hubbard, along with Huuki, McBroom, and Foster have shown good old common sense in working with regulations and with the government.




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