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2011 Michigan Snowmobile Trail Permit Fee Increase

Written by on November 8, 2011

Michigan Snowmobile Permit Fees Increase 2011 Season Trail

How do snowmobilers feel about the increase?

$45 is the cost for this season’s snowmobile permit, $10 more than last year. The $45 fee will stay in place until 2015. This is part of the 2008 state law to incrementally increase snowmobile trail fees to help support maintenance and grooming of the Michigan snowmobile trail network.

“We have strong relationships with our partners in the snowmobile community,” said Jim Radabaugh, section manager for the DNR’s Recreation and Trails Program in the Forest Management Division. “It is because of our partnership with 68 snowmobile trail sponsors that Michigan is able to offer over 6,400 miles of designated, groomed and signed trails.”

Rising fuel, engineering services and insurance costs are part of the necessary fee increase.

“When it comes to keeping Michigan ’s trails safe and groomed, a little goes a long way,” added Lynne Boyd, chief of the Forest Management Division at the DNR. “This fee increase is a way for every snowmobiler to do his or her part toward providing season-long access to miles and miles of magical Michigan trails.”

*This article is based on the official DNR press release regarding the increased snowmobile fee*

Reader's opinions
  1. buck mccoy   On   February 9, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    wow,I just bought mt sticker,you do understand that every one else has the same increase in there lives,what about the people that may go up once or twice and have 4or 5 sleds, what a killer they may not go any more,I know friends in Ohio who go with us and have decided not to I guess this year were on our own and maybe nothing next year,why don’t they have a 3 day permit, I hope this doesn’t hurt michigan winter season


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