Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball (69) VS Manistique Emeralds (44) in Manistique on 98.3 WRUP

The Ishpeming Hematites defeated the Manistique Emeralds in Manistique, Michigan on Friday, January 4th by a score of 69-44.

Manistique, MichiganJanuary 4th, 2019 – The Hematite boys came off their second win of 2019–this time against the Manistique Emeralds on their home turf in Manistique. The Hematites defeated the Emeralds 69-44 for Hematite Friday night.

Hematites had the ball with the inbound and the score was 2-0 with Hematites over the Emeralds. The Hematites got possession back with Gavin Sundberg coming up top. 7-4 as the Emeralds tip the score in their favor with 3 minutes to go in the first. Hematites take the lead 9-7 over the Emeralds. Gavin Sundberg came up to court and it was short off the rim with 55 seconds left in the quarter. The clock ran out and the score 17-7 with Hematites over the Emeralds.

First shot from Otto Swanson was long and the score remained 20-14 Hematites. 24-18 with the Hematites in the lead with under 2 minutes in the second quarter. Hematites were putting on a lot of pressure in the second quarter against the Emeralds. 28-18 wraps up the first half of play from Manistique with the Hematites in the front.

Gavin Sundberg was the leading scorer in the game for the Hematites. Hunter Smith with it for Ishpeming was up and good! 33-24 Hematites on top with just over 6 minutes to go. 49-27 with the Hematites in the lead with only 1:48 left in the third quarter. Foul up on Gavin Sundberg with his third and team seventh. 53-33 as the Hematites came out with a 20 point advantage at the end of the third.

63-37 with 4:40 to go in the game and all Hematites. 69-44 the final with the third win for the Ishpeming Hematites.

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LISTEN – FULL GAME – Third straight win for the Hematites boys by defeating Manistique Emeralds 69-44

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