Hematites Friday Night: Hematites take a loss against Gladstone Braves 8-20

Hematite Football

Ishpeming, Michigan09/22/2017– This Friday night, the Hematites fought for the win on their homecoming night against the Gladstone Braves. Hematites were 2/2 for this season going up against the Braves who were 4/0 for this season. Ishpeming did not take the win but they put up a great fight and definitely showed improvement and spirit!

Ishpeming led off the score with the first drive of the game. Drake Sundberg had a 5 yd touchdown run for the Hematites. The two point conversion failed making the score 6-0 at the end of the first quarter. The Hematites ran 58 yds in 10 plays! Spencer Huseby of the Braves had an 82 yd touchdown reception in the second quarter with a failed kick following, making the score a tie between the two teams. The Braves had an 82 yd drive in two plays. The score at halftime was 6-6. The Hematites found out their homecoming King and Queen and who won the float contest during halftime- Drew Collister was King and Queen was Kayla Kaukola, the winning grade of the float contest was the juniors with their “Our Spidey senses tell us we will win!” float.

In the second half of the game quarterback, Darren Johnson of the Braves, had an 89 yd touchdown followed up by a failed kick making the score 12-6. They had an 88 yd drive in three plays. Lucky for the Hematites, they were able to get a safety for two points when Gladstone stepped on the end line when recovering their punted ball. 12-8 was the score at the end of three. In the fourth quarter, the Braves punted and recovered the ball on the 1yd line after almost losing it. Owen Hanson, of the Braves, got a touchdown with a 1 yd drive after that and they caught the two point conversion making the final score of the game 20-8.

STATS: Gladstone: 2 team fumbles with 6 yds on those two plays. Quarterback had an 82 yd touchdown play run. 12 carries all together with 53 yds.

Owen Hanson- 9 carries for 18 yds, 65 yds on rushing.      Jeff Stenson- 1 catch for 8 yds.

Spencer Huseby- 1 catch for 82 yds.                                      Darren Johnson-89 total yds, 36 in losses.

STATS: Ishpeming: defense was in the backfield all night long. Did not complete any passes. 4 team fumbles with 9 yds on those plays. 5 sacks.

Zach Jandreau- 9 carries for 19 yds.                   Donald Denofre- 11 carries for 19 yds.

Hunter Smith- 3 carries for 23 yds.                     Wyatt Bodette- 2 carries for 5 yds.

Drake Sundberg- 30 carries for 136 yds.           Justin Karnack- 4 sacks

Coach Olson was very proud of his team when Mike and Bob interviewed him. He said that they definitely worked hard and did a great job against the Braves. The Hematites had a total of 193 yds with 12 first downs for the game vs the Braves with a total of 155 yds and 2 first downs. Join the team next Friday, September 29th as they take on the Negaunee Miners in Ishpeming. Mike and Bob will have all of the in-game action at 98.3 WRUP and WRUP.com. Pre-game at 6:30pm and kick-off is at 7pm.


LISTEN LIVE- Ishpeming Hematites trailed the Gladstone Braves 8-20