09/29/2017 Hematite Friday Night: Hematites were defeated by Negaunee Miners 14-21

Hematites VS Miners

Ishpeming, Michigan09/29/2017– The first cold night of the season started with this rivalry game between the Hematites and the Miners. Both teams were 2/3 going into this game. The Hematites had the drive in them to win the game but the few mistakes they made cost them. Negaunee took the win over the Hematites with a seven point lead.

Negaunee won the toss and deferred the ball so Ishpeming had the opening kick-off. The Hematites drove down the field until Drake Sundberg made the first touchdown of the game with a 5 yd run. The extra point from Donald Denofre to Bailey Cadeau failed after a false start penalty. The Hematites had a 76 yd drive in 9 plays to make the score 6-0. Just before the second quarter Jason Waterman, of Negaunee made a 25 yd touchdown and Erik Salminen made the point after to make the score 6-7.

The second half of the game started up again when Negaunee’s Drew DuShane made a 69 yd punt return for a touchdown and Erik Salminen made the extra point again to make the score 14-6. With 3:48 to go in the third quarter, Negaunee forced the three and one out from the Hematites and Jason Waterman made a 1 yd touchdown after 55 yd drive in 5 plays and Erik Salminen got the extra point to make the score 21-6. Hunter Smith made the first touchdown in the fourth quarter after a 63 yd drive in 6 plays for the Hematites and the two point conversion from Donald Denofre to Aaron Corkin was good to make the score 21-14. In the fourth, the ball was taken right out of Donald Denofre’s hand, by Alex Zampese, as he was trying to find someone to pass the ball to at the 6 yd line of the Miners! Ishpeming forced the punt and got the ball back but there was no passing offense happening so the ball wound up turning over on an interception.

Join the Hematites next week as they take on the Westwood Patriots at the Playgrounds! Mike and Bob will have all of the action at 98.3 WRUP and WRUP.com. Pre-game is at 6:30pm and Kick-off is at 7pm. Go Hematites!


14-21 Hematites trailed the Miners, Final Score.

Stats: Hematites:

Hunter Smith- 17 carries, 156 yds.         Drake Sundberg- 19 carries, 113 yds.

Donald Denofre- 13 carries, 82 yds.        Zack Jandreau- 2 carries, -2 yds

349 yds on the ground for the Hematites. No passes were completed.


Listen Live- Ishpeming Hematites were defeated by the Negaunee Miners