09/15/2017 Hematite Friday Night: Hematites take the win against the Manistique Emeralds 38-0

Hematite Football

Manistique, MichiganSeptember 15th, 2017– The Hematites traveled to Manistique to take on the Emeralds this Friday night. The last few games haven’t had the outcome that the Hematites wanted and some of the players sustained injuries that kept them out of this game and maybe a few others. This pivotal game of the season started off as any man’s game but our Hematites took control and powered through taking their second win of the season!

In the first half of the game, Erin Corkin made the first touchdown pass of the game, from Donald Denofre, for the Hematites for 25 yds! Drake Sundberg made the two point conversion making the score 8-0. Zack Jandreau had a 15 yd touchdown run and Wyatt Bodette made the two point conversion after that to make the score 16-0 at the end of the first quarter. Drake Sundberg had an 8 yd touchdown run and Hunter Smith followed that up with a successful conversion for a score of 24-0 leaving the Emeralds in the dust at halftime.

The second half of the game continued the same spirit as the first half as our kept adding to the score board. Wyatt Bodette had a 3 yd touchdown run and Drake Sundberg made the two point conversion making the score 32-0 at the end of the third quarter. Drew Collister had a 1 yd touchdown but the conversion had failed leaving the score 38-0. The Manistique Emeralds did not score at all this game but had a few stats (stats below). The final score for the Hematite/Emerald game was 38-0.

Join the Hematites next week as they take on the Gladstone Braves right here at home. So far the Braves are 2/2 for this season. Coach said that it may be a challenge next week but as long as the team continues to take things seriously and tries their hardest, they could defeat the Braves. Tune in at 98.3 WRUP and WRUP.com. Go Hematites!


STATS (Manistique Emeralds): 58 total yds for the Emeralds.

STATS (Ishpeming Hematites): 200 total yds for the Hematites.

Drew Collister- 5 carries for 3 yds.            Zack Jandreau- 10 carries for 88 yds.

Wyatt Bodette- 8 carries for 29 yds.         Hunter Smith- ran the ball 8 times for 35 yds.

Drake Sundberg- 8 carries for 50 yds.      Erik Corkin- caught a pass for 25 yds in a touchdown.

Cooper Harris- 1 catch for 7 yds.                Hunter Smith- 1 catch for 10 yds.


LISTEN LIVE- Ishpeming Hematites defeated Manistique Emeralds 38-0