Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball Team Advances To District Championship With Win Over The Gwinn Modeltowners 70-67


Gwinn, MI- March 8th, 2017- The Ishpeming Hematites boys basketball team would have a tough match-up tonight facing the Gwinn Modeltowners in their building. These two teams split during the regular season, both getting a win on the road. The winner of this one would get a chance to play for the District Championship Friday night at 7:00 P.M against the Negaunee Miners.

Ishpeming would get off to a good start in this one making the first basket of the game. The Modeltowners would answer right back and that would be the last time in the first quarter this game would be tied. The Hematites would shoot well and score 14 in the frame with a couple of big 3-pointers. Ishpeming’s defense would play well, holding Gwinn to only 6 points as the Hematites would hold a 14-6 lead heading into the next quarter.

MIke and Bob are ready to bring you all the action for the Hematites basketball game.

The second quarter did not go as well for the Hematites compared to the first. Ishpeming’s offense would still be hot and shoot well. The problem was the defense disappeared in this quarter. The Modeltowners were able to mount a great comeback and score 24 points, with a big 3-pointer, shot over 30 feet away at the buzzer. The problem for the Hematites was they would get greatly out rebounded. Luckily for Ishpeming, they were able to score 17 and hold a 31-30 lead heading into the half.

The Modeltowners would capture their first lead of the game after they started the quarter on a 5-2 run. It would not be a good start for the Hematites while they struggled to get their offense rolling again. Luckily for them while they were struggling offensively, their defense would finally look like what we saw in the first quarter as they held Gwinn to only 7 points. Ishpeming would get hot while they finished the quarter on a 14-0 run and take a 45-37 lead into the fourth.

This would come down to the final seconds. Neither team wanted their season to end tonight. Both teams were fighting for the chance to play for the District Championship on Friday night against the Negaunee Miners. The fourth quarter would be a big time shootout as it seemed neither team would miss a shot. The Modeltowners would score 30 points in the quarter and the Hematites would score 25. That means the Ishpeming Hematites would win this game and take on the Negaunee Miners on Friday Night at 7:00 P.M. The final score was Ishpeming over Gwinn 70-67.



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