The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile at Super One Foods in Marquette and Negaunee

america-1238708_960_720Marquette, MI – August 20th, 2016 – The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile was at Super One Foods in Marquette and Negaunee today, and Great Lakes Radio was there to broadcast all the fun!

It was a day filled with great activities, and kids and parents came out in droves to see the Weinermobile! Kids were able to choose from a number of different games like plinko, ring toss, face painting, and they were even giving away a brand new bicycle!

Both Super One Foods stores were jam-packed with customers who were there to snap-up the great deals they had in the store. Super One Foods was stocked with the best and freshest produce in U.P. They also had great deals on steaks and meat for grilling!

And the best part? They were giving away FREE hot dogs and soft drinks to everyone who came out!

Parents and children had a GREAT day at Super One Foods with the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!

Listen to the live audio and check out the pics below!
Joe welcomes you to the Children’s Day Event at Super One Foods
Jackie talks about all the fun
Joe and Jackie invite you to come on out and see the Weinermobile
David from Super One Foods is on the air
Hailey discusses face painting for the U.P. Children’s Museum
Super One Foods Manager Mans chats about the event

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