Ishpeming Hematites Girls Basketball (62) VS Escanaba Eskimos (53) on 98.3 WRUP and 02/18/2016

Ishpeming, Michigan – February 18th, 2016 – Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were in Ishpeming, MI for the Ishpeming Hematites game against the Escanaba Eskimos on 98.3 WRUP and The Hematites looked to keep their season going strong, and Mike and Bob brought you their stats and predictions during the Honor Credit Union pregame show!

The Ishpeming Hematites were able to take the opening tip off to start their game against the Escanaba Eskimos. Ishpeming put the first points of the game on the scoreboard off of a quick jump shot. Escanaba tied the score at two-all, but the Hematites scored immediately. Midway through the first quarter, Ishpeming managed to gain a significant lead over Escanaba by a score of 8-2. Ishpeming kept up the pressure as the quarter dwindled, but the Eskimos made up some ground. At the end of the first quarter, the Hematites continued to lead by a score of 17-13 on 98.3 WRUP!

To start the second quarter, the Ishpeming Hematites brought the ball into play, and quickly added two points to their score. After two minutes of play, Ishpeming kept extending their lead, but Escanaba started to wear down the Ishpeming players. It was 23-19 with three minutes left in the first half, and Ishpeming’s lead of the first quarter was slowly evaporating. However, as the final minute of the first half began, Ishpeming once again found their ability to score and advanced their lead to nearly ten points.

First Half Score:
Ishpeming Hematites: 34
Escanaba Eskimos: 21

Ishpeming_Hematite_Girls_Basketball_VS_Escanaba_Eskimos_021816_003At the beginning of the second quarter, the Escanaba Eskimos started with the ball, but some great defense from the Ishpeming Hematites put a stop to any scoring opportunities. Marissa Minot added three points to the Hematites’ score when she drained a long three point shot from the corner. Halfway through the quarter, Ishpeming held a ten point lead, but Escanaba wasn’t giving up. It was 43-37 with under two minutes to play, and the Hematites were having some trouble stopping the Eskimos’ impressive offense. Escanaba managed to tie the score at 45-45 just seconds before the buzzer sounded.

It was a barn-burner of a game as the Ishpeming Hematites and the Escanaba Eskimos went at it. The fans in the gym continued to grow louder and louder, and it was an extremely close game for much of the first half of the quarter. With four minutes left to play, Ishpeming held a slim lead of four points, but the Eskimos had several fouls to use before Ishpeming would reach the bonus. The Hematites led by only three points with just over one minute left, and the game would go down to the wire. Ishpeming was able, however, to put some space between themselves and the Eskimos, and they took home the win.

Final Game Score:
Ishpeming Hematites: 62
Escanaba Eskimos: 53

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Escanaba Eskimos 62-53 during Hematite Thursday Night on 98.3 WRUP and!

Join us 02/19/2016 as the Ishpeming Hematite boys battle the Manistique Emeralds in Manistique, MI. Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau will have the Honor Credit Union Pregame Show for you along with all the exciting action, only on 98.3 WRUP and! Don’t miss a beat!

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