Off to the Races at Ponycross

Negaunee Township, MIOctober 25th, 2015 – The 2015 UPCROSS cyclocross racing action has been heating up as the season winds down. There’s only three races left in the season, and Ponycross is in the books!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for race day, and the rain that we got the previous day sure made the course a bit more cross-racing friendly! The course itself was really, really tough thanks to all the singletrack sections and lack of road. Being mostly a road bike racer, my bike handling skills are nearly comical, but I still had such a blast turning myself inside-out competing with all the local mountain bikers! My new Trek Crockett 9.0 cross bike handled the course wonderfully, but unfortunately, its driver couldn’t handle the super-tough course.

It was still a very fun bike race. I even had time to take a hot dog hand-up from the awesome fans while dodging the local farm animals! The chickens on the course were probably the most difficult obstacle that I had to deal with, due to the fact that they don’t stay still! There was more than one lap where those chickens nearly derailed my efforts!

Thanks to all the racers and fans that turned out for this fun event! A special thanks goes out to Great Lakes Radio, Fond du Lac Cyclery and Fitness in Wisconsin (for my awesome new bike), Quick Stop Bike Shop in Marquette, MI, and UPCROSS! Without those fine sponsors, none of this would have been possible!

Make sure to join us for the next weekend of fun cyclocross racing action on November 14th and 15th for Al Quaal and Old Town Negaunee (with plenty of road sections), two of my favorite courses! It’s sure to be an excellent weekend of racing, so come on out and join in the fun!

Check out a video of the first lap and highlights of the race here:

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