Hematite Friday Night – Ishpeming Hematites (34) VS Calumet Copper Kings (8) on 98.3 WRUP 09/11/2015

Calumet, Michigan – September 11th, 2015 – Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were in Calumet, MI for this Hematite Friday Night for the Ishpeming Hematities game against the Calumet Copper Kings on 98.3 WRUP and WRUP.com. It was the third game of the season, and the Hematites looked to continue their winning ways after defeating the Manistique Emeralds the previous week. Mike and Bob brought you their stats and predictions during the Honor Credit Union pregame show!

The Opening coin toss was won by the Ishpeming Hematites, who elected to differ their choice. The Calumet Copper Kings chose to receive the kick, which worked into the Hematites favor. Both teams’ defense played some strong football to open the game, but the Hematites looked to overcome the large Copper Kings defensive line after they stopped Calumet on their first drive. Issac Olson was able to break free from the Calumet defensive line and make a huge run to score the first points of the game for Ishpeming. After the unsuccessful two-point attempt, the score was 6-0 in favor of Ishpeming. Calumet answered on their next drive with a successful pass play, scoring a touchdown and successfully going for two points to give the Copper Kings the lead by a score of 6-8. Issac Olson scored another touchdown thanks to some great blocking from the Hematites. This time, the two point conversion attempt was successful, which made the score 14-8, favoring Ishpeming. On another awesome run, Issac Olson made a 53-yard touchdown thanks to more great blocking. After going for the two point attempt, the score at the end of the first quarter was 20-8.

Negaunee_Miners_Football_vs_Calumet_Copper_Kings_pic1_090514The second quarter started with Calumet Copper Kings in control of the ball, deep in Ishpeming Hematite territory. Halen Carello knocked the ball out of the air to make a tough interception and stop the Copper Kings drive. Ishpeming was able to score another touchdown, and after another good two-point attempt, the score was 28-8. Thomas Finegan intercepted a Copper Kings pass and returned the ball 50 yards down the left side of the field for a defensive touchdown! After failing to complete a two point attempt, the score was 34-8 with just over 2:30 left to play in the quarter. On the kick-off, Calumet fumbled the ball, but they were able to recover the ball before Ishpeming could take advantage of the mistake. Issac Olson sacked the Copper Kings quarterback for a loss of nine yards, continuing his strong play both on offense and defense. The first half ended with a score of 34-8.

The Ishpeming Hematites received the kick-off after halftime, and they looked to continue their strong play. The Hematites continued to run the ball down the field in a strong manner, thanks to some amazing blocking. Thomas Finegan was able to recover a fumble to give the Hematites possession of the ball, stopping a strong Copper Kings drive. Ishpeming made a strong drive down the field, however, the Hematites had several penalties against them throughout the game that limited their offense. Two injuries for the Hematites in the third quarter looked to derail their strong game, but both players were able to walk their injuries off and continue playing. The third quarter ended with a score of 34-8 on 98.3 WRUP and WRUP.com.

The final quarter of the game opened with the Ishpeming Hematites in control of the game. The Calumet Copper Kings did their best to stop the driving Hematites, but they seemed unable to break the will of the Ishpeming Hematites. The strong defensive play continued for both team, allowing no scoring in the third quarter and both teams looked to keep up the strong play as the game approached it’s close. Ishpeming punted the ball late in the quarter, and a fumbled ball from the Copper Kings almost gave Ishpeming excellent field position. However, the Copper Kings managed to retain control of the ball, but deep in their own territory. The game ended without any scoring in the second half of play, thanks to both teams’ strong defensive play. The final game score was Ishpeming 34 and Calumet 8, only on 98.3 WRUP and WRUP.com!

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Calumet Copper Kings 34-8 on 98.3 WRUP Friday September 11th 2015

Make sure you join Mike and Bob next Friday, September 18th as the Hematites battle the Westwood Patriots at home. Mike and Bob will have the Honor Credit Union pregame show at 6:15pm on Real Classic Rock 98.3 WRUP and WRUP.com.

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