National Cow Appreciation Day Reflection with WRUP

Highland Cow

According to “” yesterday, July 14th, 2015, was National Cow Appreciation Day. Cows are easily forgotten in today’s society. People are too busy looking at their smartphones to consider what they’re actually stuffing in their mouths.

A burger is just burger rather than beef from the bovine species. The cheese sauce on the gnocchi at Casa Calabria is simply sauce, rather than dairy milked from a heifer before being processed for hours into cheese! Though the day passed, it is never too late to take time and reflect upon the sacrifices these majestic animals make for others.

In order to promote more cow recognition, some restaurants were offering free food to anyone who came in to stores dressed as a cow! Other companies appreciate their cows daily by printing a picture and name of each important cow on their food boxes!

Personally I think National Cow Appreciation Day was created to change how little people think about cows! So tonight, take time to really appreciate the tall glass of milk you drink before bed. Remember where the cheese on your lunch time quesadilla from Border Grill really came from. When tossing your dog his favorite brand of rawhide bone, consider the cow who gave itself to make another four legged species happy.

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