Living the Fraternity life as A Girl

SONY DSCMarquette, MI – The fraternity life is about what anyone would expect; the drinking is continuous, the parties are intense, and the house is always in a state of chaos. This month I have got a first hand look into male Greek life, as a girl.

I live in a house where our dog listens as well as the boys who ignore my pleas for clean dishes. We have holes in the walls from hands, probably feet, and likely a head or two. Shot glasses litter the counter most nights and husky hair covers the couches (along with whatever else gets drug in).

More uncomfortable yet is living in a house where people I have never met simply walk through my front door at any time of the day.

Our fridge is full of beer where must people put lettuce. Our family room has a box SONY DSCof 2,000 condoms in the window, given to the fraternity for a safe sex promotional event. Most of our couches have been peed on at least once by someone in a drunken daze and the wiring in the kitchen flickers. People at the house refuse to even walk barefoot on our floors.

Despite being a girl, it is easy see why someone would choose this life. Family isn’t strictly based on blood, though it is clear these boys would bleed for each other. The house is a welcoming community and they accept just about anyone. There are brothers who exercise for hours and others who probably have not hit the gym since high school. There are some that go to parties on Friday nights and others who stay in and play video games. Despite being completely different, these men come together under one roof and even let a girl stay for the summer.

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