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Marquette, MI February 7, 2015 – County Road 595 – Presidential Race 2016 – EPA Better than ISIS?

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Rich Rubino

Rich Rubino

Rich Rubino –

Political Blogger for the Huffington Post chatted about the Presidential Race, and those running from the right side. 3 first-term senators (like we need another one of those)… and several Governors with good track records round out the field. First-Termers don’t have a track record to be attacked, but also lack the experience to turn goals into legislation. At least Governors usually need to work with opposing sides to move forward. Link to the interview below.


John Kivela

John Kivela

John Kivela – Mi District 109

County Road 595 was major topic today. Rep Kivela supports the lawsuit against the EPA (which has been losing lawsuits for its Oppressive Overstep). The Marquette County Commission -in a slimy tactic- added this vote to their agenda when they knew a member would not be in attendance… and voted against supporting the suit.

Commissioner Gerry Corkin failed to even respond to my request (the big sissy). Commissioner Joe Derocha called but was unable to join the show today – and promises to join us soon. Commissioner Karen Alholm did respond, and did clarify answers… and though I disagree with her stance, I respect her willingness to stand up and answer the questions.


Closing thought…. do you think ISIS sees INFIDELS as a renewable source of energy – and would Obama bring marshmallows to the fire?

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