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Marquette, MIJanuary 24, 2015 – Will President Obama Weigh in on the State of Tom Brady’s Balls?

Headlines – the Most Interesting 3 Minutes in Live Radio

football deflated

football deflated

Deflate-Gate : Apparently the only story of the week

The New England Patriots are a current target for ITRM Parody Songs – FOOTBALL DEFLATION using the old Carly Simon Song Anticipation. I personally don’t care what Brady considers the best firmness for his balls… That’s between Tom & Gisele.


The New England Patiot footballers
are somehow looking a bit smaller
It now seems that they don’t believe in fair play
and NFL fans now holler

The Patriot balls were deflated (which)
changed the feel and how they were weighted
even if the change was slight, some say “it ain’t right”
and a punishment now is awaited

State of the State – Interviews w/ Tim Griemel & Dave Murray

The Governor Wants us all to dip a toe in the RIVER OF OPPORTUNITY – The EPA will probably call this pollution, and the Left will say the middle class will drown in it. Rep. Griemel and I come from different ideological places, but we have agreed on several issues. First – that all retirees should be taxed the same (as opposed to the old way where taxing rates were based on where you worked-regardless of income level). We both agree that it would be better if All were taxed at the LOWER LEVEL rather than the higher. Second – The state paying for political parties to choose their candidate seems a waste of state dollars. Dave Murray Spoke on behalf of Gov. Snyder about Michigan’s Progress since the Nerd’s election. Two Limericks for this topic


State Democrat Tim Griemel
Points out things that for Democrats are Primal
That taxes aren’t fair if you don’t pay your share
and no budget cut ever is final

He hails from state district 29
and his constituents think he’s just fine
They’ve elected the man each time that he ran
so with them he must be aligned

I’ve talked with him before
and I’ve seen him on the house floor
our short chat today lets him have his say
and I’m glad he’s with us once more


What is the state of our state?
Have things been improving of late?
If you listened to the nerd, then I’m sure you heard
things are better, but aren’t yet great!

Do you remember back when…
before he took office in 2010?
Things were quite bad before the nerd walked in the door
We are much better off now than then

But some democrats do not agree
Improvement, they say they don’t see
We should go back they say to the democrat way
when our state was brought down to its knees

Snyder depicted a river where opportunity might be delivered
Everyone can jump in, float along, row or swim
the thought of it made democrats shiver

Congressman Dan Benishek discusses the State of the Union

Congressman Benishek shared my view that President Obama’s rosy view of the economy (and life in general) seems disconnected from the actual world. From his mis-statement of the unemployment rate to the other twisted facts, the president does read a good speech. – His teleprompter service-man is worth every dollar! The song STATE OF THE UNION was new today… but the old parody LYING TIME is still appropriate. Also the song WORKPLACE VIOLENCE refers to Liberal’s inability to call terrorism what it is.


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