UPIR Race Recap – August 4th, 2014

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ESCANABA, MI – 8/4/14 –Tony & Johnathan are back after a month off!  There was quite the crowd in Ernie’s Irish Pub in Escanaba, and Tony had a full show planned.  Going into the August 9th racing weekend, the UPIR is back in full swing.  This week, Tony & John welcomed in a trio of girls for the UPIR “Race Like a Girl” Night coming up this Saturday.  UPIR prides itself on the plethora of girls who are a part of the racing circuit.  Tony spoke with two ladies from the 500 micro-sprint division and two from the Sport Four division:

  • Justina Liss – Justina drives the #29 car (blue & black), and races in the 500 micro-sprint.  Justina came in just behind her brother who she’ll get revenge against this weekend, and remains in the fifth place spot overall.
  • Stephanie Wolf – Stephanie drives the #21 (pink & purple) car, and this is her FIRST YEAR racing ever!  She races in the 500 micro-sprint, and while she took last in the event, she is learning and getting better with the help of her sponsor/mechanic/boyfriend.
  • Hattie Bourdeau – Hattie is in her third year racing, and drives the #70 (Orange & Blue) Dodge Neon in the Sport Four division.  Interesting fact:  She acquired her car when her and her boyfriend bought a house, and they threw a car in as well!
  • Maggie Martin – While she has a year under belt in the micro-sprint division, this Saturday will be the 14-year-old’s first race ever in the Four Sport division.  Maggie will be rolling the #316 (Blue) car in the race, and is looking forward to her first race in the Sport Four division.



Tony & John welcome a myriad of guests every Monday on the UPIR Race Recap Show!

Be sure to come on down to the UP State Fair Grounds and the UPIR track this Saturday for “Race Like a Girl” night at the UPIR track.  Bring your son or daughter out for a great night and introduce them to the great world of racing in the U.P.! Mid-west racing star Reagan May will be there and is sure to wow the crowd!

Join us for the UPIR Race Recap Show next Monday as well for all of your UPIR action and information!


“Get your butt down to the track.  It’s going to be winter soon, and what are you doing on a Saturday night in downtown Escanaba?  Get down to the track, get some food, drinks, and have a great time!”

-Tony Perino during August 4th’s show


To see the results/standings and all other information, be sure to visit UPIR’s website HERE!

And if you’d like to listen to the full show, be sure to click HERE!

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