Veterans Administration… Government Health Care as Good as it can Get?

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind

Marquette, MI May 31, 2014 – Government CAN’T Provide efficient care

After last week’s Memorial Day Special, I’m back to pointing out hypocrisy, dishonesty and Stupidity wherever I find it… Sadly I find more of it on the left.

V.A. Health Care Scandal is Not New

The horrible treatment of veterans at the V.A. is typical of any bureaucracy… it really DOES NOT get better than this. It CAN’T because the organization becomes more important than those it serves. There is no accountability. Veterans should have an insurance card good at ANY hospital in the country with zero deductible and no co-pay. That still is not enough to compensate for their willingness to lay down their life for our country. The Song “Tired of Waiting at the V.A. is not on youtube yet, but is available at the bottom of this page. the song “Obamacare Worse” is on youtube for your listening & viewing pleasure. Obamacare hopes some day to be as bad as the V.A. – I’m sure it will be.

Supreme Court Will Have At Least One New Justice

Judge Jim Redford called in to discuss his desire to join the Michigan Supreme Court. His interview is below. We should all research candidates before voting… that is the best way to improve our state… our cities and counties too!

Benghazi Scandal and Cover-Up – New Investigation Won’t Sway Ideologues Not Interested in Facts – Liberals

Democrats decided to NOT BOYCOTT the congressional select committee investigating the Benghazi scandal and cover-up by the Obama Administration. the song “Don’t You Think It’s Tragic” is available on Youtube as well as below.

$2 Billion for L.A. Clippers… In Cash?

L.A. Clippers owner Don Sterling is being forced to sell his team, and if the sale is forced, he may not have to pay the capital gains tax? If this is true, this may be the smartest move EVER by a guy who has been declared “‘mentally incompetent” by his wife’s attorney. The song “Basketball Banished” is also on youtube.

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