UPIR Race Recap Show: June 2nd, 2014 Highlights

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ESCANABA, MI – 6/2/2014 – After taking the Memorial Day off, Tony Perino headed down to Escanaba to recap the races that took place on Memorial Weekend.  With Tony, as always, was John Peppin down at Ernie’s Irish Pub right in downtown Esky.

Tony met with some of the racers, including the Getchell brothers Kyle (17) & Tyler (13).

  • Kyle was a winner for the second consecutive race in the 500 Microsprint and is a 4-year vet in the sport.  Kyle sports the #26 Red car in the 500 Microsprint.  Kyle discussed claiming bragging rights with his friends, many of whom he races against at the UPIR.  He will be featured once again in the upcoming race this Saturday (June 7th).
  • Tyler is in his second year of the Junior Sprint division and rolls with the #62 Black & Red Car.    Tyler, like his brother, will participate in the races again this weekend.

Tony also went into some of the details on the upcoming races this weekend:

There is always some intense, exciting, and fun action at the races at the UPIR!

There is always some intense, exciting, and fun action at the races at the UPIR!

It’ll be the Auto Value Parts Store Full Program coming up.  Be sure to head on down to the UPIR grounds to watch some exciting races!  The Pits will open at 3 for the drivers and spectators will be able to mingle with the racers AFTER the races.

If you would like to be updated for all of your UPIR action, be sure to tune in every Monday at 6pm, where Tony & the boys will be broadcasting LIVE from Ernie’s Irish Pub of Escanaba.  You can also log onto their website by clicking HERE!


You can also listen to the entire June 2nd show right HERE!

*Due to some complications caused by the weather, we will be replaying the full show at 6pm tomorrow night (June 3rd)*

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