Classic Rock Hits the UP Hard!

Marquette, MI – Rock music fans now have a place to dial in their radio and hear real classic rock 24 hours a day  – 98.3/92.7 RUP! We play all your favorites – AC/DC, Journey, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Sammy Hagar, KISS, ZZ Top and more! We never sleep – We always ROCK! WRUP!RUP commercial


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2 Responses to Classic Rock Hits the UP Hard!

  1. Duane Boda says:

    Just seen your commercial while watching Junior MasterChef. When did you

    change your format? From the albums and artist’s here on your webpage I

    hope this is a true representation of the music you’ll be playing. I’ll

    unpack my boombox – dust it off and start listening to radio again.

  2. GLR Web says:

    We changed our format to Classic Rock about 2 months ago, the albums on our site should be a true representation of the music we play. Hope you enjoy it!

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