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US-41 Corridor Advisory Group

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Betsy Neznanski – MDOT, Andy Sikkema – MDOT, Aaron Johnson – MDOT, Jeff Rautiola – MDOT, Charity Mason – 96th District Court, Steve Lawry – Chocolay Township, Randy Girard – Marquette Township, Thyra Karlstrom – Marquette County, Peter Van Steen – CUPPAD, Mike Waise – Marquette Police Department, Kelly Woodward – Chocolay Township, Joe Perry – Bell EMS, Joe Scanlon- Negaunee Township, Stacey Rasanen – Michigan State Police, Jason McCarthy- Marquette Township, Delynn Klein – MarqTran, Jon Kangas – City of Ishpeming, Don Manty – Bell EMS.

  1. 2013 Funding Presentation

Funding Questions:

  • Has there been discussion on placing tolls on roadways? MDOT cannot place tolls on federally funded roads. If you create a new lane on a road without federal funds i.e. a high occupancy lane then you could charge a toll to drive on it.

  • Will MDOT work with the road commissions to make sure their funding needs are met? One of the options being explored is to open up Act 51 again. MDOT needs to address funding issues first before looking into distribution of funds.

  1. 2013 Construction Program

  • US-41 Reconstruction – Concrete Joint Replacement from Carp River to Marquette Township

  • M-95 Bridge over Michigamme River joint repairs, painting and maintenance (Marquette/Dickinson County line)

  • 2013 Traffic Signal Upgrades:

    • Marquette City locations: US-41 Genesee & Founders Landing; US-41 & Washington Street; McClellan Avenue & M553

    • City of Negaunee – all three signals on US-41 will be upgraded

    • City of Ishpeming- US-41 & Lakeshore Boulevard.

  1. 2014-2017 Construction Program

  • 2016 – US-41 & 2nd Street – Ishpeming – intersection reconstruction

  • 2017 – M-553 (Glasses Corner) curve realignment

  • 2015 – US-41 Shiras Hills – construct 8’ paved shoulders and reconstruct curbs

  • 2017 – US-41 Negaunee City -reconstruct

  1. Pedestrian Crashes on Corridor

In five years there have been 9 pedestrian fatalities on the corridor. Five of the nine fatalities involved alcohol. Only one crash took place at a signalized intersection (operating in night/flash mode). No crashes involved minors and no crashes involved confusion with pedestrian signals.

5. Open Discussion

  • There was group discussion regarding pedestrian crossings and getting information to the public on pressing the crosswalk button to add time to the crossing signal. Aaron commented there are informational videos available on YouTube that can be posted on your communities’ website to help educate the public on crosswalk signals. The new signals will have a pedestrian count down on the light which should help with the confusion on the crossing lights.

  • RSA for US-41& 2nd Street in Ishpeming has this been finalized? The RSA is completed; MDOT needs to schedule a meeting with the City of Ishpeming Manager and City Council to present the findings prior to announcing any project plans publically.

  • US-41 & Lakeshore Boulevard – see a lot of cars running the red light at this intersection will this be addressed with the new signal? The new signal will be actuated and will only cycle when traffic is present on Lakeshore Boulevard.

  • Grove Street & US-41 – is there potential to add indirect left turns at this location? There is space to add a Michigan left turn to the west of this intersection but to the east there is no room for a Michigan left to be constructed cars would need to utilize the roundabout to head westbound.

  • US-41 & Commerce Drive is there potential for a left turn phase at the signal? This intersection has some of the highest traffic volume in the UP, over 33,000 cars per day, and is one of the safest intersections MDOT has. The existing intersection was not constructed with radiuses that would allow for turning movements. Adding a turn phase would create additional points of conflict and actually make the intersection more unsafe.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, April 9, 2013 – 9:00 am Ishpeming TSC

Submitted by,

Aaron Johnson

MDOT- Ishpeming TSC

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