Bell Hospital to Announce 2013 Strength from Within Scholarship Recipient

On May 15, 2013 Bell Hospital will announce the recipient of the 2013 Strength from Within Scholarship. The announcement will be made during the Annual Awards Ceremony at 6:00pm in the Empire Conference Room at Bell Hospital. This is the third scholarship awarded since the creation of the Strength from Within Program.

Strength from Within is Bell Hospital’s innovative youth wellness scholarship/ awards program for grades 6-8. Strength from Within requires participants commit one year to being active, choosing the right foods, making healthy lifestyle choices, and giving back to the community. The program is directly linked to criteria from the national President’s Challenge Physical Activity & Fitness Awards Program, as well as a unique mix of medical, scholastic and citizenship criteria.

Throughout the span of the year challenge, participants develop individualized goals, adhere to quarterly follow-up visits with the dietitian and youth conditioning professional, as well as physician visits based upon the pediatrician’s recommendations. Participants also participate in educational sessions involving fitness, dietary and lifestyle information. At the conclusion, every participant that complied with the requirements of the challenge will proceed to the essay/interview process detailing “How I Found my Strength from Within.” From this process, one exemplary youth will receive the grand prize of one year tuition at Northern Michigan University.

Every year Bell compiles data and evaluates the measurable results associated with increased physical activity, nutrition and lifestyle choices of youth. It is expected that the participants will demonstrate reduced risks associated with cholesterol, body fat percentage, chance for type-2 diabetes, and other health problems associated with childhood obesity/inactivity. In turn, it is expected enrollees will illustrate increased self-esteem, academic achievement and community leadership — and attain “strength from within.”

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